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Indri with baby among the fluff in Andasibe. Photo: Lynne Venart.

Over $100,000 of Donations Matched for Lemurs!

In November and December 2023, donations up to $7,500 each for 15 conservation organizations in Madagascar will be matched by Conservation Allies! That’s over $100,000 matched to save lemurs from extinction! All 15 organizations are trusted and work directly with communities in Madagascar to address human needs and protect lemur habitat. Donate Online through Conservation Allies! Double your impact for crowned lemurs by donating to Madagasikara Voakajy before December 31! Photo: Mathias Appel. MEMBERS OF THE LEMUR CONSERVATION NETWORK WITH [...]
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Ringtailed Lemur on tree branch

Top 10 Ways to Help Lemurs for World Lemur Day

It’s October, and it’s time to celebrate lemurs! We hold the World Lemur Festival all October, and we can’t wait until World Lemur Day on October 27. We love seeing photos and artwork featuring lemurs shared around the world this time of year. And, it’s always fun to see people celebrating at zoos, planting trees in Madagascar, and wearing fun lemur costumes around the world. Check out our calendar to find an event. 1. Join our Lemur Art Challenge and […]

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Join the 2023 World Lemur Festival Art Challenge!

Celebrate lemurs with us all October through an art challenge! Join the 2023 World Lemur Festival Art Challenge to help us inspire the world to love lemurs and take action to save them from extinction. Each week from October 1 to October 28, we will provide a new lemur-themed prompt. This year we are opening up the challenge to all types of art forms: photography, poetry, dance, drawing, painting, collage, whatever you can come up with! Use your creativity to [...]
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Join the 2022 World Lemur Festival Drawing Challenge!

October 28 is World Lemur Day, and we invite you to celebrate lemurs with us all October through a drawing challenge! Join the 2022 World Lemur Festival drawing challenge to help us inspire the world to love lemurs and take action to save them from extinction. Each week from September 25 to October 30, we are highlighting one of the five families of lemurs on our social media channels. We challenge artists of all ages to join the challenge by […]

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Chloe took this photo of sifakas hugging a tree in Bezà Mahafaly Special Reserve, Madagascar in 2017.
Photo: Dr. Chloe Chen-Kraus

The Story of the 2021 World Lemur Festival Logo

This year’s World Lemur Festival and World Lemur Day logo features an illustration by the artist Mr. Lemur. We chatted with Mr. Lemur about his inspiration for the illustration. And, we spoke with Dr. Chloe Chen-Kraus, the scientist who took the photo that inspired Mr. Lemur to create it. Learn what inspires Mr. Lemur, if sifakas really hug trees, and how conservation can allow humans and lemurs to coexist in Madagascar’s remaining forests.   Interview with Mr. Lemur A lot […]

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Talking to Plants is a fun illustrated series where you can learn about plants!

A New Partnership with Mongabay Kids for Lemur Outreach and Learning

This Fall, the Lemur Conservation Network is partnering with Mongabay Kids for the World Lemur Festival! Mongabay Kids is a new education site for kids aged 6 to 12. It launched in March 2021 to replace Mongabay’s rainforests for kids site, which dates to 2004 and has now been merged with Mongabay’s main rainforest information section. The new site inspires and educates kids about ecology, wildlife, and conservation. Celebrating Biodiversity Days on Mongabay Kids Since their launch in March, Mongabay Kids […]

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The ring-tailed lemurs were up to their famous silly antics, hopping around in groups, many with babies clinging to their fur.

Madagascar: A Guide to Using the Film as an Educational Tool for Lemur Conservation

Learn what lemur species appear in the animated Madagascar film. Find tips for using the movie to learn and teach about lemurs, Madagascar, biodiversity, and conservation. The Dreamworks animated film, Madagascar,  has helped people recognize lemurs and know the name of the only place in the world where they are found, Madagascar. It features engaging lemur characters and imagery of Madagascar. Thus, the film is an incredible opportunity to learn about these curious creatures and their wild habitats. What does […]

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