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Event Calendar for the World Lemur Festival

Celebrate lemurs with us on World Lemur Day, Friday October 30, 2020! Many of this year’s World Lemur Festival events will be held virtually due to Covid-19. But, we expect that some live events will still be held in Madagascar and around the world in October and November.

Email us to have your event added to this calendar, and send us any links or graphics we can use to promote your event on social media. View our participation guide.

Virtual Events

Duke Lemur Center

Lemur Conservation Foundation

  • October 19 All About Art: Juried art exhibition (Deadline for submissions is Sept 30 at 5pm EST); Conservation and Art talk with Penelope Bodry-Sanders
  • October 20 through end of week: World Lemur Festival Digital Escape Room
  • October 21 Conservation Creations
  • October 22 All About Lemurs: Lemur expert panel @ 2pm EST
  • October 23 Lemur Trivia Night @ 7pm EST

Lemur Conservation Network


Leap for lemurs on World Lemur Day! Learn, Share, and Act to Save Lemurs Together.