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Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources about Lemurs

Black and white ruffed lemurs are pollinators. Photo: Mathias Appel.

These teaching resources help students learn about lemurs (and learn to love them!) while learning other critical skills. Find lessons from the Lemur Conservation Network and our members about lemurs, science, biodiversity, and endangered species.

“We will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.”

— Baba Dioum


The following learning and teaching materials were developed by volunteers for the Lemur Conservation Network.

Lemurs! card game from the Lemur Conservation Network

Lemurs! Card Game

Age 6 to adult | Available in English and Malagasy

Our card game box includes 94 total cards — including 29 lemur species flashcards — and instructions for 6 games. Some games were adapted from the familiar — Memory, Go Fish, and Top Trumps — and some are unique for these cards!

A game box costs $40 plus shipping. If you are a conservation organization, zoo, or teacher that would like to use our Lemurs! card games to teach about lemurs, get in touch. You may be eligible to receive a game box for free.


Video: Lemurs: Gardeners of the Forest

Age 6 and up

Learn how lemurs and other primates help the forest grow through seed dispersal! This animated video helps adults and kids of all ages learn about this scientific process. Great when combined with the seed dispersal cards in our Lemurs! card game.

Coloring sheets

Lemur Coloring Sheets

Age 3 and up

These coloring sheets feature 9 lemur species and are fun for all ages! Species include the ring-tailed lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur, aye-aye, common brown lemur, Gerp’s mouse lemur, indri, Aloatra bamboo lemur, diademed sifaka, and Verreaux’s sifaka. Download the PDF for all 9 coloring sheets.


Illustration of Crowned Sifaka

Lemur Fact Sheets

Age 10 and up

These one-page fact sheets explore each species in depth, including links to scientific research so you can learn more on your own. Includes the 3 species featured in our Passport to Madagascar activity; they can be used with the Passport activity or on their own.


Passport to Madagascar

Age 6 and up

Grab your passport and get ready to go! Visit the three regions of Madagascar where the crowned sifaka, diademed sifaka, and collared brown lemur live.

Set up education stations, and use a one-page info sheet to learn about the featured lemur species in that area. Complete the task for each station and write about what you learned in your Passport to Madagascar Field Notebook to earn your passport stamps!

Island of Lemurs IMAX Film: Educator's Guide

Guide to Documentary Films about Lemurs and Madagascar

Age 6 and up

This guide lists 7 films about lemurs and Madagascar, including a summary, length, how to access the film online, and discussion questions to use with each.

Ring-tailed lemurs at Zoo Duisburg. Photo: Mathias Appel.

Citizen Science Project: Lemur Ethogram

Age 10 and up 

This activity helps you observe lemurs at your local zoo (or via a zoo webcam). You will list their distinct behaviors in an ethogram. Ethograms are a great first step toward asking testable questions about animal behavior. Share your ethogram with your zookeeper to help them learn more about the lemurs in their care!

Google Earth image of Madagascar

Google Earth Mapping Activity

Age 10 and up 

Use this interactive map with your students for World Lemur Day, or adapt it for a different wildlife day. Explore the map to learn about lemur species and their habitats, as well as Madagascar’s people and geography. The lesson plan includes discussion questions and tips for adaptation.

Family-friendly lemur trivia event flyer

Virtual Lemur Trivia Video

Age 8 and up

This family-friendly virtual trivia video created for the 2020 World Lemur Festival features Lynne Venart of the Lemur Conservation Network, Susie Louis of Conservation Fusion, and Jessica Deville of the Louisiana Lemur Foundation. Test your lemur knowledge, learn new lemur facts, and learn how you can help lemurs!



Coloring and Activity Book in Malagasy and English

from PICC Madagascar

This 40 page activity book features beautiful illustrations for coloring, and activities in both Malagasy and English. It features coloring pages, a word search, a matching game, a vocabulary lesson, and stories about Madagascar, the Malagasy people, and lemurs.

gI_60614_Ako collage w lemurs

Ako Project Books, Posters, and Lesson Plans

from the Lemur Conservation Foundation

The Ako Project is a series of beautifully illustrated books that helps children learn about the wonders of Madagascar in a fun and easy-to-understand way. Available in both English and Malagasy. Order books and posters on the Lemur Conservation Foundation’s website.


Lemur Games, Crafts, Coloring Sheets, and Habitat Posters

from the Lemur Conservation Foundation

LCF’s Kidz4Lemurs page has a variety of activities for kids to learn about and celebrate lemurs, including a series of six downloadable lemur habitat posters, many coloring sheets, and several lemur crafts including a mask activity.


Malagasy, French, and English Teaching Resources

from ASLM, Association pour la Sauvegarde des Lémuriens de Madagascar

Posters, games, and learning activities developed by retired teacher Catherine Rhiat in partnership with GERP. Includes activities about the Lake Alaotra Gentle Lemur and its habitat.

Island of Lemurs IMAX Film: Educator's Guide

Educators Guide for the Island of Lemurs Madagascar IMAX Film

from the Duke Lemur Center, Warner Brothers Entertainment, and IMAX

This guide includes an illustrated map to help students use their map skills to learn about lemurs and the other animals that live on Madagascar. It also features several worksheets and activities, vocabulary lessons, and quizzes.


Google Expeditions with Lemurs

from the Primatologist Raymond Vagell

Primatologist Ray Vagell helped produced 3 Google Expeditions that can be viewed using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset or on your computer: two about his research on lemur color blindness, and one featuring the Duke Lemur Center.

Lemur Bounce activity

Lemur Bounce Activity Booklet

from Money for Madagascar

This activity booklet is designed to help schools raise money to support conservation in Madagascar. In addition to fundraising information, it includes learning and exercise activities, participation certificates, and more.

Teacher Robin Lee’s “Learning thru Lemurs” Guidebook

Teacher Robin Lee’s Learning thru Lemurs Guidebook

Language arts teacher Robin Lee taught an entire year with a lemur-based curriculum! They read books on the rainforest, learned about lemurs, wrote lemur limericks, held fundraisers, and made posters about lemur conservation. This resource documents their activities.

IPPL gorilla coloring sheet

Primate Activities for Kids

from the International Primate Protection League

IPPL has a number of fun kids activities about all types of primates on their website, including word searches, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, recipes, and more.

New Big 5 Fun Pack

Wildlife Education Fun Pack

from the New Big 5

Designed for young people interested in wildlife, this fun pack includes quizzes, jokes, drawing, and challenges. Best for ages 6-11, other children might enjoy it too.