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Collaborate with Members of the Lemur Conservation Network

Zoos and individuals who want to hold a live or virtual event or prepare social posts for the World Lemur Festival are encouraged to collaborate with a member of the Lemur Conservation Network. They can discuss what it is like to work in lemur conservation, threats that lemurs face, what is being done to save lemurs from extinction, and tell inspiring stories about Madagascar.


Examples of Great Collaborations

Collaboration between a Zoo and a Member Organization

The followers of a zoo in Iowa, USA may be curious to hear about lemur conservation in Facebook Live videos from an organization who is located near them. LCN has two member organizations located in Omaha, Nebraska: Conservation Fusion and the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership. These organizations would make a great collaboration for zoos in states in the Midwest USA.

Collaboration between an Individual and a Member Organization

An individual located in California, USA may want to hold an online fundraiser or virtual chat about lemurs via Zoom for their friends and family. They could collaborate with an LCN member which is based in California, like Lemur Love, to learn lemur facts to share with friends. This would help the event goers learn more about lemurs, and the individual could make an agreed-upon donation to Lemur Love to thank them for their time.


View Members by Geographic Region

Most LCN members work in Madagascar, but many of them have affiliations or are based around the world. Browse all of our members, or find one based in your region below. Working with an organization in your region may help your followers relate and increase engagement.

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Leap for lemurs on World Lemur Day! Learn, Share, and Act to Save Lemurs Together.