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Memberships for Conservation Organizations and Research Groups

Memberships for Conservation Organizations and Research Groups

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Learn how to join our network as a conservation organization or research group.

Our network includes over 60 organizations working in Madagascar to protect wildlife and support Malagasy people. Conservation members use our platforms to promote their work and share information with the professional conservation community.

All conservation organizations and research groups working in Madagascar are eligible to become a conservation member at no cost.


for Conservation Organizations and Research Groups

Supporting Conservation Memberships

While paid memberships are not required, conservation organizations and research groups can show their appreciation for the Lemur Conservation Network through supporting memberships, if they are financially able.

ALL Conservation Members Receive:

  • Profile page on our website
  • One Malagasy Lemurs! card game per field site in Madagascar, including instructions for six games. Organizations with only one field site receive two card games. Games can be picked up from our Madagascar Manager in Antananarivo.

Eligibility for Other Benefits

  • Promotion of members supported by Conservation Allies’ matching campaign. In 2022, LCN members received 275% more donations than non-LCN members due to our promotion.
  • Members can create blog posts and contribute content for social posts on LCN’s platforms
  • Members can apply for financial support for small projects. Financial support is not guaranteed and is based on amount of donations and supporting memberships that LCN receives each year.

We encourage members to regularly send us photos and updates. This helps us share your work more often and update your profile with your latest achievements.


We ask all conservation members to commit to celebrating World Lemur Day — through social posts, public relations, hosting an event, or any way you can!

Kids in the village outside Masoala National Park enjoy playing LCN's card game.

Apply Now

If you would like to discuss if your organization is eligible for membership, or have any other questions, please email before submitting an application.

Click on the button below to open the membership application in a Google Form.

We use your responses from this form to create your member profile page. We suggest that you review the form to learn what information you need to provide, and then work in another document to prepare your content. When your content is ready, submit it in the form to send us your application.

An LCN team member will email to confirm receipt of your application and finalize your profile page.