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About Wildlife Days

We hope these resources inspire you to participate in wildlife days to raise awareness for the conservation of biodiversity. Veríssimo (2019) discusses the challenge of focusing on such a large topic as biodiversity.  However, with wildlife days, each spotlighted species (or issue) is focused on during a single day or week, allowing multiple species to reap the benefits of increased attention.

Increase the Impact of Wildlife Days with Social Media

World Pangolin Day has raised awareness for this highly trafficked endangered species since 2010.

Elevate Forgotten Species

The now-famous World Pangolin Day started in 2012 with a social media campaign that successfully brought this forgotten species to the global stage (Tompson 2020).

Address Concerns about Human/Wildlife Interactions

While some might be concerned with wolf/human interactions, social media marketing of wolf themed days could redirect that fear by increasing knowledge, familiarity, and overall comfort with the idea of wolves playing an important role in our world.

If the social media was connected to or promoted by organizations such as wolf conservation facilities or zoos, it would be more likely to reach an audience with built in interest on the topic such as Bentlage and Prokoply (2016) discuss.  With assistance from social media influencers, educators, and individuals, information shared through themed days could attract those who have little familiarity with the species.

Benefit from an Extended Time Period

You may want to try a month-long theme like the Hawaii Invasive Species Council’s virtual Invasive Species Awareness Month.

Take Advantage of Trending Social Campaigns to Reach New Audiences

Australia’s quokka — a marsupial who looks like it is smiling in selfies — is a great example of how to make a social media campaign trend.

More Resources

View a list of wildlife and conservation days. Please be aware that this list is by no means exhaustive.

Have you decided what day you’d like to promote, but still need ideas for citizen science activities, apps, or projects? Here are some further resources you might like to try.

For Individual and Student Learning

Apps like iNaturarlist and eBird help you learn about animals while adding to a database of wildlife sightings. Photo of Madagascar Bulbul by Cat Rayner, used with permission.


Citizen Science Projects


The Red Panda Network promotes International Red Panda Day by partnering with zoos around the world and providing learning resources on their website. Photo by Mathias Appel, used with permission.

For Inspiration and Partnerships

Wildlife Day Examples

Social Media Examples

Just the Zoo of Us is a fun podcast for all ages that profiles 1 or 2 animals each week. Try reaching out to podcasts to ask if they can feature your animal for a special episode on its wildlife day.