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Learn about Lemurs

Learn about Lemurs and Madagascar

Eastern brown lemur. Photo: Cat Rayner.
Eastern brown lemur. Photo: Cat Rayner.

Over 100 species of lemurs live in Madagascar, and nowhere else.

Because Madagascar is isolated, most of its fauna and flora is found nowhere else! Madagascar is full of unique landscapes, from limestone pinnacles called tsingy to lush rainforests, spiny deserts, and deep canyons.

Lemurs adapted to these unique landscapes, evolving into over 100 species across the island.


Explore the links below to learn about lemurs and Madagascar.
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Ring-tailed lemur baby

Top Ten Facts about Lemurs

Did you know that lemurs help the forest grow? That they have beautiful singing voices? Or that some self-medicate with millipedes? Learn these top ten facts about lemurs.

Lac Alaotra Gentle Lemurs. Photo: Durrell Madagascar.

The IUCN Red List and Lemurs

Learn about the IUCN Red List, how it assesses the conservation status of species around the world, and what the Red List says about lemurs.

White-fronted brown lemur enjoying a snack in Marojejy

Conservation Threats and Solutions for Lemurs

Learn about the threats lemurs face in the wild and the conservation solutions that address both human and wildlife needs.

Island of Lemurs Madagascar

Teaching Resources

These teaching resources help students learn about lemurs. Find lessons and activities from the Lemur Conservation Network and others about lemurs and Madagascar.


Professional Resources

Conservation professionals must collaborate and share knowledge. These professional resources can help further your research and build connections for collaboration.

Just the Zoo of Us is a fun podcast for all ages that profiles 1 or 2 animals each week.


Podcasts are a fun and engaging way to learn about lemurs and Madagascar. These are some of our favorites.


Lemurs! Card Game

From the Lemur Conservation Network

Cost: $40 plus shipping. Shipping within the USA is $15 for one and $20 for two; these costs are higher outside the USA.

Includes 94 total cards — including 29 lemur species flashcards — and instructions for 6 games. If you are a conservation organization, zoo, or teacher that would like to use these games, get in touch. You may be eligible to receive a game box for free.


Learn about lemur species through these online guides.

Lemur Species Fact Sheets

Learn about eight lemur species in these fact sheets from LCN. Each sheet is available as a web page and a one page PDF.

Lemur Guides on BBC Discover Wildlife

The Lemur Conservation Network collaborates with BBC Wildlife Magazine on lemur species guides, where you can learn about each species, where they’re found, and why so many are endangered.

Primate Profiles: Lemurs

by the New England Primate Conservancy

Learn about 40 lemur species through photos, facts, videos, and more, including links to more resources.