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Below are links to online shops that support lemur conservation. If you know of others, let us know and we’ll add them to this page.

The LCN TeeSpring Store

Some of the items in the LCN TeeSpring Store

Visit Our TeeSpring Store

The Lemur Conservation Network TeeSpring Store features lots of fun products featuring many different lemur species. We have partnered with 9 illustrators to create t-shirts, bags, fanny packs, face masks, and more. And, find our official 2020 World Lemur Day and World Lemur Festival shirts, featuring the crowned sifaka, the collared brown lemur, and the diademed sifaka!

Browse the LCN Store

Shops by Conservation Organizations

Many members of the Lemur Conservation Network have online shops where you can support their work.

Lemur Conservation Foundation

Amazon shop page with lemur- and Madagascar-themed items like books, stuffed animals, vanilla, and artwork.

Shop LCF

Stitch St. Luce

Handmade goods made by women’s embroidery business project supported by SEED Madagascar. Learn more about Stitch St. Luce.

Shop Stitch St. Luce

Duke Lemur Center

Lemur stuffed animals, ring-tailed lemur costume tail, Duke Lemur Center attire, car magnets, and more.

Shop Duke Lemur Center

Lemur Love

Merchandise with custom lemur artwork from supporters, including stickers, t-shirts, and more.

Shop Lemur Love

Sarobidy Creations

Handmade jewelry made by women in Madagascar, and supported by Red Island Restoration. Learn more about Red Island Restoration.

Shop Sarobidy Creations

Symbolic Adoptions

ONG Reniala Lemur Rescue Center

Adopt a Baobab in the Reniala Reserve in Madagascar to become a co-owner of the baobab. All profits support the Lemur Rescue Center.

Adopt a Baobab

Duke Lemur Center

Adopt a Lemur packages allow recipients to learn about different animals at the Center. These packages are available at a variety of giving levels starting at just $50.00. With each adoption, you or your chosen recipient will receive a welcome packet and quarterly updates and photos of the lemur of your choice.

Adopt a Lemur at Duke Lemur Center


Adopt Stumpy, the ring-tailed lemur at the Jersey Zoo in England! Symbolic adoption packages include a cuddly lemur toy or Durrell cap, adoption certificate, photo, lemur fact sheet, and more.

Adopt a Lemur at Durrell

Companies Working Ethically in Madagascar

Madecasse Chocolate

Madecasse makes delicious chocolate and vanilla with a direct trade philosophy.

We go way beyond fair trade. We know the farmers we work with on a daily basis. And they know us. We share meals in their homes and we share a vision for prosperity. Almost 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from Africa, but less than 1% of the world’s chocolate is made there. Our mission is to make chocolate entirely in Madagascar. This reverses some trends that have long held back economic growth in Madagascar.

Shop Madecasse

Companies that Donate a Percentage of Sales to Lemur Conservation

Lemur Bags

High quality, casual bags with fun patterns in a variety of styles and sizes. 15% of sales is donated to lemur conservation organizations. Enter code LCN10OFF to get 10% off.

Shop Lemur Bags

Eyes of the World Films

50% of sales from their stunning new documentary about deforestation in the Andasibe region of Madagascar will support the Lemur Conservation Network.

Visit Website  Read Interview

Sifaka TX

Sifaka TX is a new Amazon shop that sells. premium quality toiletry and makeup bag which can serve for both men and women. A portion of sales from SifakaTX will be donated to support the Lemur Conservation Network.

Shop SifakaTX

Amazon Smile

In addition to the shops above, select a lemur organization in Amazon Smile for your Amazon purchases to support them. The following LCN members have Amazon Smile accounts:

  • Lemur Love
  • Lemur Conservation Foundation
  • Conservation Fusion
  • Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group
  • Eden Reforestation Projects
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International (CPALI)