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Shop to Support the Lemur Conservation Network

Find products from the Lemur Conservation Network in our stores on TeeSpring and RedBubble. And, learn how to buy our Lemurs! card game! Proceeds support LCN’s work.

This adorable tee shirt featuring Katy Tanis' mouse lemur artwork is available in our store!

TeeSpring Shop

Find t-shirts, mugs, pillows, and more featuring your favorite lemur species! This shop features the work of over a dozen artists.


RedBubble Shop

Find stickers and hats with our logo, sayings like “I ♥ lemurs”, and some of the lemur illustrations from our card games.

Lemurs! card game from the Lemur Conservation Network

Lemurs! Card Game

Our card game is available in English and Malagasy. It includes instructions for 6 games and 94 cards featuring 27 lemur species.


These products support conservation or humanitarian causes in Madagascar, or are made in Madagascar (thus supporting Malagasy people by providing incomes).


Logo for Fruition Chocolate Works

Fruition Chocolate Works

Bronze Supporting Business Member of LCN

Small Batch Bean to Bar Chocolate. At Fruition we begin by selecting ethically sourced and flavorful cocoa beans. Using traditional and modern techniques, we handcraft our award-winning line of bean to bar chocolate and confections at our chocolate workshop in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

The Madagascar Sambirano 74% Dark Chocolate bar is a fruity dark chocolate made with cacao from Akesson’s Estate, and highlights notes of raspberry and citrus. This bar was a 2019 Good Food Award Finalist.


Beyond Good Chocolate

Beyond Good (formerly Madecasse) makes delicious chocolate and vanilla with a direct trade philosophy.

We go beyond fair trade. We know the farmers we work with, and they know us. We share meals in their homes and a vision for prosperity. Our mission is to make chocolate entirely in Madagascar. This reverses trends that have long held back economic growth in Madagascar.


MIA Foodie

All of MIA Foodie’s Madagascar chocolate is both sourced and produced in Madagascar. A portion of sales also supports their Girls Education Fund, which provides funding for secondary students in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Zotter Chocolate

For sales of their Banana Chocolate bar, 50 cents of each chocolate sold goes to the “Chocolate for School” project in Madagascar, which finances school lunches for 770 children aged between 6 and 15.


Nature’s Path Envirokidz Leapin’ Lemurs Cereal

Buy online or find Envirokidz cereal in local and chain grocery stores. A percentage of each purchase is donated to the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

Home and Personal Goods


Stitch St. Luce

Handmade goods made by a women’s embroidery business started by SEED Madagascar, but now entirely independent. Learn more about Stitch St. Luce.

Tanana Silk

Tanana Silk

Tanana Silk makes beautiful, unique, handmade silk textiles found nowhere else in the world. They are a project of LCN member CPALI (Conservation through Poverty International).

Crafted in the rainforests of Madagascar, our non-spun textiles are produced using a no-kill method that conserves vital rainforest without harming silkworms or other species. Malagasy farmers raise and harvest the silkworms, and refine the final products into beautiful silk textiles. 100% of profits are returned directly to Madagascar.


Sarobidy Creations

Handmade jewelry made by women in Madagascar, and supported by Red Island Restoration.

Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 3.46.03 PM

Made in Madagascar

Beautiful hats, bags, purses, and home goods made by women in Madagascar using traditional crochet and weaving with raffia.

This is Madagascar aye-aye illustration by Jessie Jordan

This is Madagascar

Shop from artist Jessie Jordan of Ranomafana Tours, featuring her beautiful artwork on clothing and posters. Funds support their educational work.


Lemur Bags

High quality, casual bags with fun patterns in a variety of styles and sizes. 15% of sales is donated to lemur conservation organizations. Enter code LCN10OFF to get 10% off.

Wendy Barnes Designs

Wendy Barnes Design

Fabric accessories — like masks, snack bags, and tote bags — featuring original wildlife designs. 10% of sales from lemur and Madagascar products benefit Conservation Fusion and the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

Perfumes and Oils

Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

Portions of sales from the Luminous Lemurs perfume are donated to Centre ValBio. The perfume is made in a base of jojoba oil and beeswax, and has Blood orange, Madagascar ylang ylang essential oil and concrete, Egyptian carnation, antique clove bud, nutmeg & cinnamon, 20 year old sandalwood, and 20 year old Madagascar vanilla.


Aroma Forest Essential Oils

Natural oils made sustainably in partnership with Man and the Environment.


Purchases from these online shops support the work of our partners in lemur conservation.


Goodshop for Eden Reforestation Projects

Buy name brand products from over 7,000 merchants on the Goodshop website, and a portion of your purchase will help Eden Reforestation Projects plant trees!

Conservation Fusion Logo

Conservation Fusion

Lemur artwork, notebooks, magnets, kids apparel, home goods, and more.


Planet Madagascar

Find “I give a sifaka” t-shirts, as well as artwork, post-cards and chocolate. Benefits Planet Madagascar‘s work in Ankarafantsika National Park, home to coquerel’s sifakas.


Duke Lemur Center

Lemur stuffed animals, ring-tailed lemur costume tail, Duke Lemur Center attire, car magnets, and more.


Lemur Conservation Foundation

Gift shop with lemur and Madagascar-themed items like books, stuffed animals, vanilla, and artwork that supports the Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF).

Madagascar Biodiversity Paternship log

Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership

T-shirts featuring MBP’s logo and celebrating their reforestation success.


Coloring Book from Green Again Madagascar

Green Again Madagascar invited artists from around the world to sketch Madagascar’s beautiful animals and plants. Purchases help plant trees, buy new tools for reforestation, and spread the beauty of Madagascar’s plants, animals and people to those who love lemurs and frogs!


Prosimian Taxon Advisory Group (PTAG)

Gift shop with original artwork on greeting cards, ornaments, key chains, magnets, totes, mugs and more. Purchases support the PTAG’s lemur education and conservation efforts.


Ring-tailed Lemur Species Survival Plan

Gift shop with original artwork on ornaments, totes, mugs and more. Purchases benefit the Ring-tailed Lemur Species Survival Plan’s conservation and education projects.


Amazon Smile

Select a lemur organization on Amazon Smile for your Amazon purchases to support them. The following LCN members have Amazon Smile accounts:

  • Lemur Love
  • Lemur Conservation Foundation
  • Conservation Fusion
  • Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group
  • Eden Reforestation Projects
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International (CPALI)
  • PICC Madagascar



Adopt a Baobab at the Reniala Reserve

Adopt a Baobab in the Reniala Reserve in Madagascar to become a co-owner of the baobab. All profits support the Lemur Rescue Center.


Adopt a Hectare of Forest or a Lemur at Planet Madagascar

Just $30CAD helps Planet Madagascar protect a hectare of forest for one year! Or, symbolically adopt a coquerel’s sifaka, mouse lemur, or mongoose lemur to support their programs. Adopters receive a certificate, lemur photo from Ankarafantsika National Park, and a fact sheet.


Adopt a Lemur at Durrell

Adopt Stumpy, the ring-tailed lemur at the Jersey Zoo in England! Symbolic adoption packages include a cuddly lemur toy or Durrell cap, adoption certificate, photo, lemur fact sheet, and more.


Adopt a Lemur at the Duke Lemur Center

Symbolic adoptions support animal care at the Duke Lemur Center and conservation programs in Madagascar. Select from a variety of lemur species.

WWF The Panda logo

Adopt a Ring-Tailed Lemur at World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Lemur adoption kits start at $25. They can include a stuffed animal, photo, adoption certificate and more.