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About the Lemur Conservation Network

About the Lemur Conservation Network

A sportive lemur in Ankarafantsika National Park. Photo: Lynne Venart

We believe that lemurs can be saved from extinction if we all work together.

So, we formed a network of over 60 conservation organizations working in Madagascar. We support this network through communications, education, and the empowerment of Malagasy organizations and individuals.

Madagascar is large and its regions are varied, so conservation here is spread out. Many small organizations focus on specific regions and their needs. The Lemur Conservation Network identifies needs that can be solved broadly across Madagascar, and works to fill those gaps.



We raise awareness for lemurs and those working to save them from extinction. And, we  build connections between zoos, people in Madagascar and around the world, the press, donors, the scientific community, and influencers. As part of our communications work, we promote the World Lemur Festival and World Lemur Day each October, and encourage zoos around the world to celebrate. And, we promote the annual Conservation Allies matching campaign for Malagasy organizations.

The Houston Zoo celebrates the World Lemur Festival.
The Houston Zoo celebrates the World Lemur Festival.


We create large scale education projects that are used by many organizations throughout Madagascar and the world. We have supplied our Lemurs! card games to 38 conservation organizations and one school in Madagascar, and 23 zoos and two schools in the USA. We are now developing lesson plans and building partnerships with education organizations and schools across Madagascar to expand our impact.

Learn about our Lemurs! card games.


We support Malagasy organizations and conservationists through funding, promotion, and capacity building programs such as free trainings, program supplies, education materials, and other resources. Each year, we donate to the Conservation Allies matching campaign for Malagasy organizations, facilitate donations to small organizations who are often unable to receive online payments, and financially support small projects in Madagascar.

Learn about our Malagasy Student and Professional Members.

Our Memberships

You can join the Lemur Conservation Network as an individual, conservation organization, research group, zoo, or business. Membership is free for conservation organizations, research groups, Malagasy students and professionals, and Bronze zoo members. Our supporting members — individuals, businesses, and supporting zoos — contribute financially to our Malagasy outreach in Madagascar and allow us to donate even more to Malagasy-led conservation initiatives.

Learn how to become a member.

Kids in the village outside Masoala National Park enjoy playing LCN's card game.
Kids in the village outside Masoala National Park enjoy playing LCN's card game.


Planet Madagascar
Credits: T. Steffens

Our Members

Learn about our member organizations. Narrow conservation members by lemur species, region of Madagascar, and type of conservation work to find an organization to support through donations, volunteering, or partnership.

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Our Team

Our international team is passionate about saving lemurs from extinction. We have backgrounds in science, communications, technology, zoos, and more. Many on our team donate their time so we can keep our overhead costs low.

Lynne describing the awesome raffle prizes, like this Lemurs of Madagascar book.

Our History

The LCN launched in 2015 as a project of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group. In January 2021, we became an independent not-for-profit organization registered in the USA.