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Our Members

Our Members

The Lemur Conservation Network unites over 60 organizations with the many individuals, zoos, and partners that are working to save lemurs from extinction.

Use this page to browse our conservation members by popular species and types of conservation work, and to explore our business, zoo, and individual members. Or, view all conservation members and narrow the list with filters.

Learn how to join our network as an individual, zoo, business, or Malagasy student or professional.


Lemur Species

Find conservation organizations that work to protect your favorite type of lemur.

Type of Conservation Work

Find conservation organizations that focus on a type of work that interests you.

Malagasy Students and Professionals

Our Malagasy student and professional members are dedicated to saving lemurs from extinction. They use the Lemur Conservation Network platforms to promote their work, volunteer with LCN at events, and nominate projects for our supporting memberships to financially sponsor. Learn how to join LCN as a Malagasy student or professional.


Zoos around the world teach people about lemurs and inspire them to help us protect them. Supporting Zoo members of LCN support our education and outreach work in Madagascar and commit to celebrating World Lemur Day each year. Learn how to join LCN as a zoo.

An adult black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata; photo by Mathias Appel).


Business memberships financially support our Malagasy outreach work and help us donate even more to small Malagasy organizations who struggle to raise funds online. Learn how to join LCN as a business.

A group of five adult ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) relaxing in the grass. Photo by Mathias Appel.


Our annual individual memberships are crucial to our Malagasy outreach and education work. Learn how to join LCN as a individual.


Our partners help us reach new audiences, provide guidance on lemur conservation, and provide fundraising opportunities for LCN member organizations.