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History of the Lemur Conservation Network

Lemurs of Madagascar: A Strategy for their Conservation 2013-2016, also called the lemur action plan.How We Began

On February 21, 2014, the Madagascar Section of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group of Madagascar published Lemurs of Madagascar: A Strategy for their Conservation 2013–2016 in the journal Science. 

In 2015, the Lemur Conservation Network (LCN) was founded by Lynne Venart and Kim Reuter to promote the need for funding to support this lemur action plan. LCN began as an online funding guide for lemur fans and a resource for organizations to promote their work and collaborate. The website launched in February 2015, one year after the action plan was published.

From a Project to a USA-registered Not-for-profit Organization

From 2015 to 2020, LCN was a project of the Madagascar Section of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group, under the guidance of Drs. Christoph Schwitzer, Jonah Ratsimbazafy, and Steig Johnson. In January 2021, the Lemur Conservation Network, Inc. became an independent not-for-profit organization registered in the USA.

LCN Today

LCN now provides a network for over 60 organizations whose lemur conservation work we promote through our website, blog, and social media. We help coordinate and promote the annual World Lemur Day and World Lemur Festival for audiences both in Madagascar and worldwide. And, we collaborate with network members to fill gaps in funding, promotion, and education.