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“If tomorrow…Madagascar!”, A Poem

If tomorrow.. Madagascar!   If tomorrow, no more lemurs or any endemic animal species Were around in those pockets of forests Whether dry, or spiny, or rain or montane or littoral Or primary or secondary or pristine or any pieces…   If tomorrow, no more trees Whether shrubs or short or tall Whether deciduous or ever green No longer to be seen in those hills or lowlands…   If tomorrow, no more soil fertile On those used-to-be granaries of Madagascar […]

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Double your impact for silky sifakas by donating to LCF through Conservation Allies! Photo: Erik Patel.

Over $100,000 of Donations Matched for Lemurs!

Starting the week of World Lemur Day through the end of 2022, donations up to $10,000 each for 13 conservation organizations in Madagascar will be matched by Conservation Allies! That’s up to $130,000 to save lemurs from extinction! All 13 organizations are trusted and work directly with communities in Madagascar to address human needs and protect lemur habitat. Donate Online through Conservation Allies! Double your impact for silky sifakas by donating to LCF through Conservation Allies! Photo: Erik Patel. MEMBERS [...]
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Red-bellied lemur adult with infant. Photo: Velontsara Jean Baptiste.

Learn About the 2022 World Lemur Day Logo with Dr. Stacey Tecot!

The 2022 World Lemur Festival and World Lemur Day logo features an illustration of the Red Bellied Lemur and the Rufous Mouse Lemur. We spoke to scientist Dr. Stacey Tecot to learn more about these two iconic lemur species. Can you tell us about our two featured species? Where are they found, what do they eat, and are they endangered? Red Bellied Lemur The red-bellied lemurs are a medium-sized lemur species best known for their chestnut brown coat colour, and […]

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Join the 2022 World Lemur Festival Drawing Challenge!

October 28 is World Lemur Day, and we invite you to celebrate lemurs with us all October through a drawing challenge! Join the 2022 World Lemur Festival drawing challenge to help us inspire the world to love lemurs and take action to save them from extinction. Each week from September 25 to October 30, we are highlighting one of the five families of lemurs on our social media channels. We challenge artists of all ages to join the challenge by […]

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An adult ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) eating fruit in a tree.

Can captive-born lemurs ‘re-stock’ wild populations in Madagascar?

Human impact on biodiversity loss is evident worldwide — from deforestation, the bushmeat and pet trades, to the loss of animals critical to the very survival of the forests themselves — seed dispersers and pollinators. However, hope for species preservation is not entirely beyond our grasp. Along with natural habitat protection, one of the greatest conservation tools we have is maintaining healthy, breeding, captive populations of endangered animals. Perhaps even, one day, they might be released to ‘re-stock’ depleted wild […]

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Ellie Dobbs in Madagascar with a chameleon

On the Ground in Madagascar with Ellie Dobbs: Researching Aye-Aye Taboos

We interview Ellie Dobbs, a Masters student in Conservation Biology at the University of Kent. Her research studies the variations in perceptions and taboos about aye-ayes in Madagascar. Her undergraduate dissertation is titled “The Aye-Aye Enigma: Analysing the variation in attitudes, beliefs, and customary institutions pertaining to the aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis)”. She aimed to deduce existing patterns in attitudes and highlight drivers for these attitudes and perceptions. What is your background, and how did you find yourself studying the lemurs […]

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Virtual Trainings to Build Conservation Capacity During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Conservation Technology Webinar Series Covid-19 regulations limited our abilities to provide in-person training, so the Lemur Conservation Network held a series of conservation technology webinars for the Malagasy conservation community from April to August 2020.  This webinar series provided technical guidance and practical advice on conservation technology tools that can be used to  enhance the conservation work at our members’ project sites. The webinars were led by Dr. Matthew Moskwik who has over 20 years of experience working in conservation […]

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Exploring the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic: How Resilient Were Conservation Organisations in Madagascar?

In this post, we learn from Susan Lawrance and Dr. Giuseppe Donati about their recent research on the impact of Covid-19 on conservation projects in Madagascar. Susan Lawrance is from the UK and has just completed an MSc in Primate Conservation. She would like to thank LCN members for giving their time to participate in this study. Dr Giuseppe Donati is a Reader in Primatology. Over the last twenty years he has conducted research on behaviour, ecology, and conservation of […]

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