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102 Lac Alaotra Bamboo Lemur

Visiting Lake Alaotra and Camp Bandro to See a Rare Lemur Species

In 2020, the BBC aired a series program called Primates, highlighting some of the well known and lesser known species of primates on the planet. One of the species they highlighted was the Lac Alaotra Bamboo Lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis), also known as the gentle lemur or the “Bandro” by locals. Deb Bradley, my good friend and host of the Let’s Go Wild podcast, immediately called me after watching the episode and told me we should add a few days to […]

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A Summer of Learning about Lemurs Across Madagascar

Earlier this year, we asked for your support to help us bring conservation education supplies to Madagascar. Thanks to your donations, this project was a success! Our volunteers Lynne and Coral delivered lemur education kits to four areas of Madagascar, and held lemur education days with two communities! Celebrating Lemurs and World Lemur Day with Children in Mariarano, Northwest Madagascar This summer, Lemur Conservation Network volunteer and PhD researcher Coral Chell travelled to a community managed forest site, called the […]

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Indri with baby among the fluff in Andasibe. Photo: Lynne Venart.

Over $100,000 of Donations Matched for Lemurs!

In November and December 2023, donations up to $7,500 each for 15 conservation organizations in Madagascar will be matched by Conservation Allies! That’s over $100,000 matched to save lemurs from extinction! All 15 organizations are trusted and work directly with communities in Madagascar to address human needs and protect lemur habitat. Donate Online through Conservation Allies! Double your impact for crowned lemurs by donating to Madagasikara Voakajy before December 31! Photo: Mathias Appel. MEMBERS OF THE LEMUR CONSERVATION NETWORK WITH [...]
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