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World Lemur Day

World Lemur Day is held each year on the last Friday of October.

The 2020 World Lemur Day will be Friday, October 30, 2020. The World Lemur Festival is celebrated in Madagascar and around the world in the weeks surrounding it.

This year, in light of the Covid-10 pandemic, we will be organizing virtual events to help people celebrate around the world.

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Lemur crafts for the children at the Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group’s 2015 World Lemur Festival in Madagascar.

Events in Madagascar

In Madagascar, many conservation organizations hold large World Lemur Festival celebrations in the villages surrounding their project sites. There is also a large event in the capital of Madagascar (Antananarivo) and in many of Madagascar’s cities.

These events often include parades; film screenings; food; singing and dancing; scientific lectures; arts and crafts about lemurs; and lemur costumes worn by children and adults. Festival events give back to local communities while raising awareness for lemur conservation and raising the local profiles of the Lemur Conservation Network’s member organizations.

History of the World Lemur Festival

Students made posters for World Lemur Week in the United States.

Events Around the World

World Lemur Day and the World Lemur Festival is celebrated by people all over the world—lemur fans and conservation leaders, scientists and artists, teachers and students, kids and parents, and YOU!

We encourage everyone to find a way to raise awareness for lemur conservation on World Lemur Day.

Events are held around the world at zoos, schools, universities, museums, restaurants, and more. Often, these events raise funds for members of the Lemur Conservation Network. Some choose to raise funds for a specific project; others support a favorite organization or one that is based near them.

What will you do for this year’s World Lemur Festival?

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