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Press Kit for World Lemur Day

We encourage journalists to write about lemurs on World Lemur Day and during the World Lemur Festival. World Lemur Day is celebrated on the last Friday of October each year, and the World Lemur Festival is celebrated around the world all October.

About World Lemur Day and the World Lemur Festival

Press Contacts

Lynne Venart
Director, Lemur Conservation Network

Seheno Corduant-Andriantsaralaza
Madagascar Manager, Lemur Conservation Network

Jonah Ratsimbazafy
Project Advisor, Lemur Conservation Network
Secretary General, GERP
Phone: (+261 20) 22 660 48 (Office)
Mobile: 033 12 338 83

Quotes from Lynne Venart, Director of the Lemur Conservation Network

The World Lemur Festival is our favorite time of the year! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate lemurs and the people around the world who love them and are working to save them from extinction. It’s also a time for reflection. While we celebrate these amazing animals, let’s ask ourselves, “Is there more that I could be doing to help lemur conservation?”. I urge you to browse LCN’s website to find more ways that you can help, and to reach out to each other to see how you can collaborate and make your resources go further.

The lemur conservation community is more united now than ever before. When we celebrate lemurs, let’s also celebrate each other! Lemur conservation is not just about these adorable primates. It’s also about Malagasy communities, the rising tide of scientists and conservationists in Madagascar, and the people around the world who are uniting to support them.

Quotes from Lucia Rodriguez, Strategic Advisor of the Lemur Conservation Network

The Lemur Conservation Network unites over 60 conservation organizations and zoos that work for lemur conservation. However, the 2020 Red List update shows that a staggering 98% of lemur species are threatened with extinction. It is necessary to work hard, united, and close to the Malagasy people to save lemurs from extinction. We invite everyone to join us at the Lemur Conservation Network and collaborate with each other. We are facing a crisis that goes beyond Madagascar and needs to be addressed by the world.

We are so excited that zoos around the world are celebrating the World Lemur Festival. By teaching visitors about lemurs, zoos inspire new lemur fans who can then share their love of lemurs with their friends and family and act with us to save lemurs from extinction

More Quotes from Experts about Lemur Conservation

About the Lemur Conservation Network

Logo of the Lemur Conservation Network

We believe that lemurs can be saved from extinction if we all work together. So, we formed a network of over 60 conservation organizations working in Madagascar. We support this network through communications, education, and the empowerment of Malagasy organizations and individuals.

Madagascar is large and its regions are varied, so conservation here is spread out. Many small organizations focus on specific regions and their needs. The Lemur Conservation Network identifies needs that can be solved broadly across Madagascar, and works to fill those gaps.

LCN was founded in 2015 as a project of the Madagascar Section of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s Primate Specialist Group. In 2021, we became an independent 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization registered in the USA.

Join us to help save lemurs!