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Social Media Guide for the World Lemur Festival

For the World Lemur Festival, we encourage zoos, individuals, and organizations to use the hashtags #WorldLemurDay and #WorldLemurFestival, and to tag the Lemur Conservation Network. The Lemur Conservation Network has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Key Message for the World Lemur Festival

Social media messages should emphasize the urgency of lemur conservation (98% of lemur species are threatened with extinction and 31% are critically endangered), and that by working together, we can save lemurs from extinction.

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Happy #WorldLemurDay! I believe that lemurs can be saved from extinction if we all work together. Will you join me? Let’s learn, share, and act to save lemurs together.
  • Leaping lemurs! Did you know that 98% of lemur species are threatened with extinction? I believe that lemurs can be saved from extinction if we all work together. Today on #WorldLemurDay, I commit to learn, share, and act to save lemurs together.
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Messaging Tips about Lemurs 

A baby Crowned lemur (Eulemur coronatus) clings to mom.

A baby Crowned lemur (Eulemur coronatus) clings to mom. Photo by Mathias Appel.

Lemurs are fascinating animals, so there are plenty of interesting facts to share. Here are some ideas:

  • Lemurs are not only super cute, they are also fascinating! Lemurs are pollinators and seed dispersers; they help the forest grow. Lemurs provide an evolutionary glimpse at early primates.
  • Lemurs are very endangered and are at great risk of extinction. Almost a third (31%) of all lemur species in Madagascar are now Critically Endangered – just one step away from extinction. A full 98% are threatened, according to the 2020 update of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
  • Since Madagascar is an island, many of its species live nowhere else. While we focus our messaging on lemurs, one thing that’s cool about Madagascar is ALL of the biodiversity. Other animals that can be promoted are fossa, amphibians, birds, and more.

People are very important for lemur conservation. Emphasize that everyone can help!

  • Everyone can help save lemurs, no matter who you are or where you live. Support lemur conservation by:
    • Learning and spreading awareness of these incredible animals
    • Fundraising and donating to lemur conservation groups
    • Volunteering your time at your local zoo or wildlife center
  • Highlight Malagasy scientists, Malagasy conservation organizations, and local people’s involvement in conservation. Some outstanding Malagasy organizations include Madagasikara Voakajy, GERP, Mikajy Natiora, and Ny Tanintsika. Malagasy scientists include Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Seheno Corduant, Ikala STEM, and Sylviane Volampeno, among others. 

Social Media Tips for Zoos 

  • Promote diversity of species by focusing on a different species each day. Species could be on exhibit at your zoo or a focus of a research or conservation partner.
  • Highlight conservation efforts that your facility supports. Does your organization work directly with a lemur conservation organization? Or are there conservation projects that relate to Madagascar or conservation of endemic species in biodiversity hotspots?
  • Identify an LCN member organization to collaborate with that aligns with your organization’s mission and conservation efforts. See all members of the Lemur Conservation Network. View our collaboration page to see members organized by where they are based outside of Madagascar, so you can find an organization near you.