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Use these resources to help your students learn about science, biodiversity, conservation, primates, and endangered species. While these resources focus on the wildlife and wild places in Madagascar (like our favorite lemurs, of course!), creative teachers have also used them to help students get excited about learning itself, and to learn non-science skills like writing, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and more.

Lemur Conservation Webinar from 2016 National Biodiversity Teach-in 


Island of Lemurs IMAX Film: Educator's Guide

Island of Lemurs Madagascar IMAX Film: Educator’s Guide

This guide was produced by Warner Brothers Entertainment and IMAX in partnership with the Duke Lemur Center. It includes an adorably illustrated map that helps students use their map skills to learn about lemurs and the other animals that live on Madagascar. It also features several worksheets and activities, vocabulary lessons, and quizzes.

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ptag-logoActivities from the Prosimian TAG Education Advisor Committee

» Lemur Activity Ideas
» Lemur Word Search
» Am I Like a Lemur? (K-1)
» Adaptation Stations (Grades 2-3)
» Survival Scents and You Can’t Grow Home Again (Grades 4-5)


Ako Collage 450x643

The Ako Project

The Ako Project was produced by the Lemur Conservation Foundation, in collaboration with Dr. Allison Jolly and illustrator Deborah Ross. These beautifully illustrated books help children learn about the wonders of Madagascar in a fun and easy-to-understand way. They are available in both English and Malagasy.

Teachers can order them along with educational posters via the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

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Duke Lemur Center logo.

Duke Lemur Center Online “Meet the Lemurs” Guide 

The Duke Lemur Center‘s website has a fantastic “Meet the Lemurs” section. It includes basic lemur facts about their diet, predators, how they got to Madagascar, and more. They also provide detailed profiles of 18 lemur species, as well as 3 loris species, and the Thick-tailed Bush Baby.

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Teacher Robin Lee’s “Learning thru Lemurs” Teaching Guidebook

Language arts teacher Robin Lee spent an entire year teaching her students through a lemur-based curriculum! They read books on the rainforest, learned about lemurs, wrote lemur limericks, held fundraisers, and made posters about lemur conservation. They ended the school year with a fun Lemurpalooza party, complete with lemur games, a Madagascar mural, lemur-decorated treats and more!

This resource and activity guide from Robin Lee documents all of her class’ activities throughout the year, in the hopes of inspiring all teachers to use a lemur-based curriculum for passion-based learning!

» Learn more about Robin Lee’s class on our blog

» Download the complete guide

Robin Lee also put together an activity guide for the upcoming World Lemur Week at the end of October! The guide divides activities in to Learn, Play, Create, and Organize (fundraising!).

» Download the World Lemur Week guide

New Big 5 Educational Fun Pack

Download our free educational Fun Pack for young people HERE, and also find our ArticlesInterviews and series of Podcasts.

maxresdefault (1)Racing Extinction Interactive Lesson Plans

Teachers can access a range of dynamic, interactive classroom lessons (up to two 45 minute class periods each) designed to engage high school students on the importance of biodiversity on our planet. Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, each lesson features video clips from the acclaimed documentary, bringing the excitement of the film directly into the classroom. Topics include Modern Extinction: The Sixth Mass Extinction, Extinction and What We Eat, Climate Change, and Working a Turnaround.

»View the lesson plans and accompanying powerpoints

Rainforest Ambassadors Curriculum


Rainforest Trust offers rainforest-themed lesson plans for K-12 covering topics such as the global benefits of tropical ecosystems, biodiversity and the connection between rainforest and climate change. Curricula include language arts, science, math and social studies that are consistent with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

We invite you to use these free lessons to educate your students about the importance of rainforest ecosystems and the urgent need to protect them.

View and download the curriculum here.

copy-PEN_Logo_v2_20130601_FINAL-06Resources from the Primate Education Network

The Primate Education Network has a wealth of teaching resources on lemurs available for members. Annual membership costs just $40 for professionals and $20 for students. In addition to materials on other types of primates, these member resources include a lemur educator guide, coloring and drawing pages, and other lemur activities. Also, members can access their bibliography (with over 230 publications in primate education) and projects directory (connecting educators and projects across four continents).

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Resources from the International Primate Protection League

IPPL has a number of fun kids activities on their website, including lemur word searches, a lemur coloring page, a prosimian crossword puzzle, and a variety of free puzzles and other activities about primates!

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Get Inspired by Conservation Fusion!

At Conservation Fusion, education is a key component to conservation. They have established education projects in Madagascar that link directly with youth in the United States.

Learn more about Conservation Fusion’s education projects

» Biodiversity art projects

» Lemur-o-rama conservation festival in Madagascar

» Linking students in the United States with students in Madagascar

» How you can partner with a school in Madagascar

» 7 days of services connects students across the globe


Animal Protection at ASA

Middle-schoolers from the ASA (American School of Antananarivo), in Madagascar who are doing an excellent project to help support and raise awareness of lemurs.

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