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The ringleader

Traveling to the South of Madagascar

  Continuing on from Andasibe and Ranomafana, I was sad to be leaving behind Madagascar’s rainforests. I don’t know when or where I’ll next be able to stand in awe of jungle, its sights, its sounds, its wildlife. I wasn’t quite done with lemurs though, oh no. Madagascar’s south is drier, warmer and has more of a mainland African feeling to it. This is the area where the world famous baobab trees grow, evolving perfectly to suck up and store […]

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Lac Ravelobe in Ankarafantsika National Park. Photo by Lynne Venart.

Ankarafantsika National Park and the Legend of Lac Ravelobe

In the last post, we examined what makes coquerel’s sifakas so special and what threats they face in the wild. But since Madagascar is such an incredibly diverse and remarkable place, I’d like to focus this post on Madagascar itself. I could bore you with an essay-like description of the fourth largest island in the world (after Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo) and its collection of flora and fauna (nearly all endemic to the island). But I’ll try to keep […]

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View of the valley in the mist at Ranomafana. Photo by Sabrina Szeto.

My First Impressions of Madagascar: Interning at Centre ValBio

“Salama!” One of the first words I learned from a friend who learned that I was about to visit her home country, Madagascar. It is a greeting that I’ve used over and over again. My name is Sabrina Szeto. This is my first time in Madagascar, and I am here for a summer internship at Centre ValBio, a conservation organization and research station located in Ranomafana, Fianarantsoa. Over the next few weeks, I will be writing several blogs about my […]

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Our blogger Phil Reeks visits Ranomafana National Park on a tour.

In Search of Ruffed Lemurs at Ranomafana National Park

  For myself the name ‘Ranomafana’ has always conjured mystical images of abrupt hills, drifting mist, dense forest and hidden lemurs. It us a must-see for any nature lover heading to Madagascar. Although my group tour didn’t allow for long within its lush confines, it at least gave me a chance to glimpse some of the island’s most rare wildlife. The omens were positive. Within a few hours of arriving in Antananarivo, I had an incredibly lucky encounter with Doctor […]

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Adventurer Ash Dykes Attempts 1,800 Mile Trek Across Madagascar

At just 24 years old, British explorer Ash Dykes already has plenty of extreme and noteworthy adventures under his belt. He thrives on “challenging and off the beaten track adventures and expeditions” that bring him to the far corners of the world, with extreme tests to his endurance and stamina. His adventures often bring him to the middle of dangerous weather conditions, like sandstorms, harsh winters, and scorching heat in the middle of the driest deserts.   In 2014, Ash walked 1,500 miles across […]

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Innovative Fundraising: Selling Crafts to Benefit Azafady

    Can you tell us about your experiences traveling in Madagascar? I am fortunate enough to have visited Madagascar several times. I fell in love with the country, the animals, and the people the first time I visited, and it captures a bit more of my heart every time I go. I have friends there now who have become family to me. I first visited Madagascar in 2008 with my ex-partner who wanted to go and see the lemurs.  We booked this trip […]

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The Gateway to Wilderness

A Day in Andasibe

Only for the Intrepid For the uninitiated Madagascar can be daunting. It’s large, busy, potentially dangerous, the roads are terrible and travelling the island solo requires both bravery and guile. Being on a tight time schedule (and being a wimp), my recent visit to the land of lemurs was with an organised tour group. This began and ended in Antananarivo with three national parks along the way and the promise of plenty of prosimians. First Up: Andasibe Andasibe is the […]

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Helena Azafady holdin a boa!

Volunteering with Azafady

Before going away to Madagascar, the longest I had been away from my family was two weeks. I lived the typical western lifestyle. My phone never left my side; everything I needed could be downloaded or ordered in just a few clicks; I binge-watched TV; and my biggest worry was that pesky spot on my chin. Looking back on it, something in me must have been crying out for adventure and change, otherwise why had I done it? Why had […]

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