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Ash Dykes Completes Epic Madagascar Trek after 155 Days

After 155 days and several near death experiences, adventurer Ash Dykes has completed his 1,600 mile walk from the deep south to the far north of Madagascar, summiting Madagascar’s eight highest mountains, and braving extreme weather conditions both in the dry south and the rainy north. In the desert southern city of Fort Dauphin, he met with our members Azafady and Sainte Luce Reserve to learn about their work and the conservation challenges in the south. Then, he continued on to the […]

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The author Lynne Venart on her first trip to Madagascar in 2012. Photo taken by Christine Venart in Ankarafantsika National Park.

Planning Your First Trip to Madagascar

As a tourist, it can be intimidating to plan your first trip to Madagascar. It seems so remote and exotic! Plus, it’s large, with a less-than-stellar road system, and the plane tickets are expensive, so you want to do it right the first time. In this blog post, I’ll share a variety of options for traveling to Madagascar for the first time visitor, with some helpful tips and quotes from the experts. Don’t be intimidated, and don’t fret about “doing it right.” There […]

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Photo by Lemur Love

Ask a Lemur Researcher: Q and A with Lemur Love

Every Tuesday on Facebook, Lemur Love holds “Ask a Researcher,” a question and answer forum for lemur fans from around the world to ask the experts any question they want. Questions can be about a particular lemur species, recent research, life in the field, and more. Below are some highlights from recent Lemur Love’s Ask a Researcher Tuesdays. » See the first Q and A blog post Q: Are all lemurs social? A: To a certain extent. There are some species of […]

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The crowd at the concert among beautiful forested hills

Centre ValBio Interns Venture to Kianjavato to See Singer Khelen in Concert

  A Weekend Adventure to See One of Mada’s Top Singers A few of the volunteers and researchers at Centre ValBio took a weekend trip to Kianjavato to see Khelen in concert. Khelen is one of the most popular singers in Madagascar at the moment and… she happened to be hosted by Aina, a friend of one of the researchers. As luck would have it, we could also stay at the same house as Khelen and entourage were going to leave the […]

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Ash Dykes Reaches Mid-Way Point of Madagascar Expedition

I caught up with Ash Dykes recently to celebrate his amazing feat of reaching the mid-way point of his Madagascar expedition. He’s trekked 800 miles from the southern most tip of Madagascar to the capital city of Antananarivo in the Central Highlands. The first 800 miles have been quite the challenge. He has survived the deadliest strain of malaria, visited three organizations from the Lemur Conservation Network, summitted five of Madagascar’s highest peaks, and had a ton of crazy adventures. Below are some […]

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Collecting Rahiaka Seeds

Putting trees back where they once were: Reforestation at Centre ValBio

  Reforestation is a Mainstay of Centre ValBio Reforestation at Centre ValBio has been a mainstay of the field station since its founding. Working with landowners in the periphery of the park, Centre ValBio has established reforestation plots on private land as well as a demonstration agroforestry plot which has vanilla vines growing on native trees for support. Using Trees Native to the Region The reforestation program only uses trees which are native to the region, the seeds for which are gathered from […]

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2015 World Lemur Festival Events Calendar

Held at the end of October, the 2nd annual World Lemur Festival raises awareness for lemur conservation, celebrates lemurs and Madagascar, and educates the public about why it’s important to protect them and their habitats in Madagascar. If there isn’t an event in your area, check out this blog post for ideas on how you can celebrate wherever you live! Hosting an event? Send us the info and we’ll add it to the calendar! » Download event graphics   Jump to […]

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Beautiful sunset in Madagascar. Photo by Mal Mitchell from Azafady.

Leading Conservation with Mal Mitchell from Azafady

Can you give me some background on you, your experience in Madagascar, and your work with Azafady? Very broadly, my background is in campaigning and holistic education, with a key focus on psychology. I got hooked on lemurs and Madagascar in late 1999, and started working with Azafady in 2000. My focus with them is project development, fundraising, networking, donor relations and research – I lead the small project development team in London, coordinating with the bigger team on the […]

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