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Poachers, Primates, Politics: Dire Times for Lemur Conservation in Andasibe?

It is a truly shocking sight. The eviscerated carcasses of eleven Critically Endangered lemurs lie on the desk of the Gendarmerie’s outpost in Andasibe. On 28th February, the ten Indri and one Diademed Sifaka have been killed in the south of Andasibe Commune, which is world-famous among nature enthusiasts for its gentle and approachable lemurs. While two perpetrators caught in the act are still at large, one of the three poachers has been arrested. Two rifles and one slingshot have […]

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Photo by Kim Reuter

Lemur Poaching in the Antavolobe Forest: A Tragedy

Attention! Explicit images below. On Wednesday 28th of February in the Commune of Lakato, a lemur poaching tragedy was reported and shared through social media as well as the international news. The Gendarme and VOI Firaisankina caught and arrested a man with a bag of dead lemurs. Illegal hunting commonly known as poaching is one of the main drivers of biodiversity loss. Sadly, lemur poaching in Madagascar is pretty common for the commercial bushmeat trade and pet trade. While a group […]

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LCN Member of the Month: AEECL

The Lemur Conservation Association (AEECL) is a charitable non-governmental organisation run by a consortium of European zoos, working for Madagascar’s highly endangered lemurs through cooperation with the Malagasy people. The charity was established in 1989 by the founder members: Zoo Mulhouse, Zoo Saarbrucken, Zoo Cologne /Koln and the University of Strasbourg.   The Sahamalaza region has been the focus of scientific and conservation interest for the AEECL since 1989. The critically endangered blue-eyed black (Eulemur flavifrons) is endemic to this part […]

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World Lemur Festival 2017: Recap

The World Lemur Festival is a series of activities happening throughout the globe in October with the aim to raise awareness for lemur conservation, to celebrate these unique animals and Madagascar, and to show people the importance of protecting lemurs and their habitats. 2017 was the fourth year this festival was celebrated. Lemur supporters threw festival events in Madagascar, Hungary, US, Japan, and more. Events were held and sponsored by many LCN members, including GERP, Lemur Conservation Foundation, Duke Lemur […]

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Silky Sifaka photo by Erik Patel

LCN Member of the Month: Lemur Conservation Foundation

Tell us about the organization’s history and where the Lemur Conservation Foundation is located. The Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF) was founded in 1996 by Penelope Bodry-Sanders. While working for the American Museum of Natural History, Penelope took a trip to Madagascar with world renowned paleoanthropologist, Dr. Ian Tattersall. When she flew over Madagascar, the signs of deforestation were staggering, and she decided to start a foundation dedicated to saving lemurs and their vanishing habitat. In 1999, the Lemur Conservation Foundation […]

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A coquerel's sifaka in Ankarafantsika National Park in Madagascar. Photo by Lynne Venart.

SifakaTX – A New Brand Dedicated to the Conservation of Sifakas

Hi, my name is Maciej Ciezki and I want to share my story with you. I moved to the USA in January 2017. I have a regular so-called nine-to-five job but I have always wanted to do something more. Among dozens of ideas, I found this one – build a unique brand and sell premium quality products on Amazon. And maybe even slightly change the world for better. I started this journey just a few weeks ago. It takes a […]

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Guardians of Anja, A New Film by Robin Hoskyns

I’m sitting on a large piece of rock, jutting out from the forest with the treeline below me. The sun has just come out from behind the cliffs and is bathing the rocks in a golden light, perfect for filming. I can hear the sounds of the local village waking up as people start to go about their business. My guide, Joana, points out a group of ring-tailed lemurs in the distance, coming this way. Joana tells me that the […]

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LCN Member of the Month: Lemur Love

Tell us a little bit about the history of Lemur Love. Lemur Love, Inc. was founded by Dr. Marni LaFleur in 2012. Marni spent 10 months in Madagascar in 2010-2011 while collecting data for her doctoral dissertation and became increasingly concerned about deforestation and the illegal trade of wild-captured pet lemurs. She started Lemur Love to further scientific research and conservation with wild lemurs. Since then, Lemur Love has grown and expanded to include small scale development within Madagascar and […]

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