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Melanie Seiler Me with sportive lemur

On the Ground in Madagascar with Melanie Seiler

When did you first get interested in working with lemurs and conservation and what motivated you to undertake this work? Working with animals, understanding their behavior, and conserving their natural habitat has been on my mind since I was a child – I always had lots of different pets, and my parents loved to watch various nature documentaries with me. It was always clear to me that I had to study biology, and that’s what I did. About 10 years ago, […]

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Haley and the tsingy landscape of the Ankarana National Park.

On the Ground in Madagascar with Haley Randell

  I’m a certified redhead from suburban Connecticut with parents from meat-and-potatoes, small-town Ohio. There was no way I could have ever known what to expect from my journey as a researcher working in Madagascar. Although it’s been almost two years since I started – and ended – my adventure in Madagascar, people still ask me what it was like…and I still don’t know how to answer. It was breathtaking, depressing, difficult, inspiring, and lonely; the emotional roller coaster was pretty all-encompassing. On […]

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The Kratts and Jovian in Animal Junction. Photo courtesy of the Duke Lemur Center.

Getting to Know Zoboomafoo

  If, like me, you grew up with the irresistibly upbeat theme song of Zoboomafoo, then you probably remember the Kratt Brothers’ infectious energy, the famous overstuffed closet, and of course, the fuzziness and wide eyes of Zoboomafoo the lemur. Before I get any farther, you should know that Jovian, the lovable lemur who played Zoboo on the show, died on November 10, 2014. It was a tragic day for all who watched Zoboomafoo as children, and I apologize if […]

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Photo of silky sifaka by Jeff Gibbs

Leading Conservation: A Chat with Jeff Gibbs, Part 2

Last time we discussed your great victory with the campaign in the Amazon. If you were to do a similar campaign today, do you think you’d need to change your approach, especially with the advent of social media and today’s 24-hour news cycle? JG: What I didn’t mention before is that the issue didn’t go away really. It disappeared for years, and then all of the campaigners and organizations that had come together for that went on to other things, and it […]

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Leading Conservation: A Chat with Jeff Gibbs, Part 1

First, can you talk about your experiences in Madagascar? JG: I worked throughout Madagascar helping to build a volunteer program for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). WWF has field projects in different places, and my job was to build the volunteer program from scratch. They had never formally brought on volunteers, so it took a lot to convince people in the organization that it would be worthwhile to do, and then to actually determine what the activities would be and where the […]

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A Coquerel's sifaka in Madagascar.

On the Ground in Madagascar with Shawn Lehman

Studying Biogeography: Where Lemurs Live and Why After years of undertaking surveys of lemurs in Madagascar, I literally missed the forest for the trees, as the saying goes. I’d spent considerable time and energy walking along freshly cut trails penetrating deep into the remaining forests on this island. Along the way, my research team and I saw – and were amazed by – the incredible diversity of plants and animals in the forest, many of which are found nowhere else […]

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Over 150 Conservation Leaders and Lemur Fans Celebrate Launch

Last Thursday, March 19, we held our launch party at Right Proper Brewing Company in Washington, D.C. It was a blast! So Many Friends Helped Us Celebrate Over 150 people came out to the brewery to celebrate. Guests from several of our member organizations were in attendance, including the Duke Lemur Center, Conservation International, and ICTE/Centre Val Bio. Other guests came from all over the D.C. area, including many who work for environmental and international development organizations like the Smithsonian National Zoo, Chemonics International, Conservation […]

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Teacher Robin Lee's class is spending the whole school year using a lemur-based curriculum.

Learning thru Lemurs: One 6th Grade Class Spends a Year Studying All Things Lemur

Last July, sixth grade language arts teacher Robin Lee went to the IMAX theater, knowing little about lemurs and Madagascar, and not even aware what was playing that day. She was in for a treat. On the screen was Island of Lemurs:  Madagascar. The movie—and its furry co-stars—inspired her. As a teacher, she knew her students’ curiosity would be piqued by these fascinating animals and their unique home. Coming out of the cinema, I was still in awe of the movie:  content, […]

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