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Promoting Conservation Through Art

Not So Hopeless exhibition image

Montreal-based Galerie d’art LSB, is hosting Canadian artist, Emily Read, and her Not So Hopeless series to shine the light on endangered species. The alternative loft gallery works closely with artists to help raise funds for various humanitarian efforts. This exhibition focuses on raising funds to help save animals from extinction.

Not So Hopeless promotional poster

The Not So Hopeless series consists of 60 different paintings, big and small. Each painting tells the story of a different endangered species or individual animal who, with the aid of committed humans, is being saved from extinction. The exhibition is due to run from June 19th to July 10th 2021. A percentage of the profits from sales will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Since a chance encounter with an elephant at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, Emily Read has been collecting various conservation success stories from around the world. Then later translating them into watercolour art pieces. Emily hopes that people viewing these pieces will gain increased respect for the natural world and its beauty. She said:

“I’d always wanted to do artwork related to endangered species, but when you watch the news it looks so overwhelming and bleak. But then I went to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand that began with one woman rescuing one elephant and eventually grew into a huge organization. I was amazed at how much change one person can make and I realized that there are probably many stories like this that are overlooked.”

Verreaux’s sifaka watercolour

Verreaux’s sifaka watercolour by Emily Read

Of the 60 different paintings, one shows a lemur species. The watercolour is based on an original photo by gallery owner Lori Burnett. Taken while at Lemur Conservation Network (LCN) member organisation Sainte Luce Reserve. It shows a Verreaux’s sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi). Upon opening of the exhibition the Verreaux’s sifaka painting sold in record time for the gallery! With 5% of profits from the sale donated to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support endangered species conservation.

Visit Galerie d’art LSB’s webpage to view all the 60 endangered species paintings. You can also find out more about artist Emily Read, as well as other works the gallery hosts.

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