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Welcome 2021 Science Communication and Education Volunteers!

Collage of LCN 2021 Volunteers

A very warm welcome to our newest volunteers!

We are excited to welcome our new volunteers to the Lemur Conservation Network! They bring with them a range of great experience and knowledge (as well as a shared love of lemurs of course) and they will join our existing team of volunteers to spread the word about lemur conservation worldwide.

Our science communication and education volunteers will be:

  • Continuing to build our presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with engaging posts
  • Creating new content for our English and Malagasy websites
  • Creating educational materials for our English and Malagasy websites and member organizations
  • Podcasting to educate and inspire a global audience

You can read more about our new volunteers below.

Website and Social Media Volunteers

Portrait of volunteer Rina


Vololonirina Faramalala Francette “Rina” got her Masters degree in primatology at the University of Antananarivo. She is interested in conservation and particularly in conserving lemur species. Rina likes sharing her knowledge with those around her and spends time talking to local guides out in the field about the importance of the forests and their biodiversity, as she recognizes that the guides play such a pivotal role in protecting them. She can’t wait to raise awareness of Madagascar’s biodiversity in her volunteering role with LCN.

Portrait of volunteer Rebecca Owens

Rebecca Owens

Rebecca Owens is from the UK and studies BSc (Hons) Wildlife and Conservation. Previously, she worked in web and content marketing and only joined the world of science as a mature student. So far, she has found it to be hugely rewarding. She has been a nature lover and a lemur fan from a young age, and so can’t wait to get stuck in volunteering for the LCN to help wildlife and communities in Madagascar.

Portrait of volunteer Brogan Mace

Brogan Mace

Brogan Mace has a Masters in Zoology with Animal Behaviour. She is fascinated by animals (especially primates) and loves the outdoors. One of her passions is science communication and she runs Simia over on Twitter (@projectsimia) where she tweets about primates. She is looking forward to getting involved with the LCN and creating content that helps people from all backgrounds understand why lemurs and Madagascar are so awesome!

Portrait of volunteer Ellen Weatherford

Ellen Weatherford

Ellen Weatherford is a podcaster and wildlife enthusiast from Jacksonville, Florida. She produces the podcast Just the Zoo of Us, which brings wildlife science to general audiences. She connected with the LCN for the World Lemur Festival in 2020 and looks forward to working with the team to help raise awareness of and appreciation for the animals of Madagascar.

Portrait of volunteer Stephanie Canington

Stephanie Canington

Stephanie Canington, PhD (ABD) is a primatologist who studies the feeding ecologies and jaw morphologies of lemurs both in the wild and human-maintained habitats – with a focus on the ringtailed lemur. Additionally, she hopes to one day take part in a captive lemur reintroduction project in Madagascar!

Educational Volunteers

Portrait of volunteer Misa Rasolozaka

Misa Rasolozaka

Misa Rasolozaka holds a Master’s of science focused on the use of remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) from the University of Antananarivo. She has had a passion for Madagascar’s unique biodiversity from being young and wishes to focus her career on its preservation. She is a great lemur lover; one of her favorites is the black blue-eyed lemur which is only found in Sahamalaza National Park in north-west Madagascar. In the past, she volunteered as an educator for environmental education workshops held in primary schools near forests and protected areas. These were organized by the Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP), a group Misa is a member of, and an association involved in protecting lemurs and their habitats. She is thrilled to join the LCN family!

Portrait of volunteer Ellesse Janda

Ellesse Janda

Ellesse Janda is from the UK. She has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour & Wildlife Conservation and an MSc in Primate Conservation. Her special interest is lemurs and nocturnal primates in Madagascar. She also has a keen interest in environmental education and spent over eight years in educational roles within both zoological and academic sectors. Ellesse now works in the University of Wolverhampton’s STEM Outreach and Public Engagement team. She is joining the LCN to help promote the importance of Madagascar’s wildlife.

Portrait of volunteer Megan Bohn

Meghan Bohn

Meghan Bohn pivoted from twenty years of zookeeping and vet teching to working in the Children’s Department at Galesburg Public Library. Now she is happily surrounded by books and running the Animal Explorers Club, STEM to You, and the local March Mammal Madness program, as well as other fun activities. Meghan holds a BS in Biology from George Mason University and an MA in Biology from Miami University.

We are grateful to our volunteers for spending their time and talents supporting lemur conservation. Together we are helping to save lemurs from extinction!