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Daniel Rabino

Leading Conservation: A Chat with Daniella Rabino

How Daniella Started PLAY Where does education come in? Daniella Rabino, project founder of PLAY, Protecting Life through Active Youth, first asked this question during a study abroad trip to Madagascar during undergrad. Having already taken a course on Madagascar conservation and in the midst of her elementary education program, Daniella found herself wondering about the intersections of conservation and education. In 2011, Daniella received a Rotary scholarship to study International Education and Development at the University of Sussex under the […]

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Photo of silky sifaka by Jeff Gibbs

Leading Conservation: A Chat with Jeff Gibbs, Part 2

Last time we discussed your great victory with the campaign in the Amazon. If you were to do a similar campaign today, do you think you’d need to change your approach, especially with the advent of social media and today’s 24-hour news cycle? JG: What I didn’t mention before is that the issue didn’t go away really. It disappeared for years, and then all of the campaigners and organizations that had come together for that went on to other things, and it […]

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Leading Conservation: A Chat with Jeff Gibbs, Part 1

First, can you talk about your experiences in Madagascar? JG: I worked throughout Madagascar helping to build a volunteer program for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). WWF has field projects in different places, and my job was to build the volunteer program from scratch. They had never formally brought on volunteers, so it took a lot to convince people in the organization that it would be worthwhile to do, and then to actually determine what the activities would be and where the […]

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