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Leading Conservation with Mamy Razafitsalama

  Mamy Razafitsalama developed his love for lemurs growing up in a small village on the East coast of Madagascar. Unfortunately unlike Mamy, many Malagasy people are unaware of the benefits lemurs have on healthy forest ecosystems. Local communities often burn their natural resources as a means of survival in the face of widespread poverty.  They burn grasses to increase cattle grazing areas. This practice frequently leads to forest fires that destroy critical lemur habitat. Mamy leads conservation as Planet Madagascar’s […]

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Daniel Rabino

Leading Conservation: A Chat with Daniella Rabino

How Daniella Started PLAY Where does education come in? Daniella Rabino, the driver behind PLAY, Protecting Life through Active Youth, asked this as a study abroad student in 2007. As an elementary education student, it seemed like education was left out as a central part of redefining relationships between state, NGO bodies, and local lives, to connect ideas across spaces. I started realizing that these issues were big and the intersections between fields were not really addressed in a way that […]

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