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Frequently Asked Questions about World Lemur Day

World Lemur Day is celebrated on the last Friday of October each year, and the World Lemur Festival is celebrated around the world in the weeks surrounding it. Learn more about World Lemur Day and how you can celebrate.

What is the World Lemur Festival?

The World Lemur Festival is an annual celebration of lemurs and Madagascar. World Lemur Day is celebrated on the last Friday of October. The World Lemur Festival through virtual and in-person events in the days and weeks surrounding World Lemur Day, both in Madagascar and around the world.

When and where was the World Lemur Festival?

The first World Lemur Festival was celebrated in 2014 in Madagascar’s capital city of Antananarivo. It was organized by Professor Jonah Ratsimbazafy of GERP Madagascar. It raised awareness about the value of lemurs as Madagascar’s unique natural heritage among scientists and the general public in Madagascar. It aimed to awaken pride for lemurs in Malagasy people, improve the economy through tourism, and promote lemur conservation and education worldwide. Since 2015, the World Lemur Festival has been celebrated around the world at zoos, in schools, and online. Learn about the first World Lemur Festival.

How can zoos, educators, individuals, and conservation organizations celebrate?

To learn how you can celebrate, view our participation guide, social media guide, and examples for wildlife days.

How can the Lemur Conservation Network help me with my event or activities for World Lemur Day?

There are many ways that the Lemur Conservation Network can help you with your event:

The Lemur Conservation Network does not typically sponsor or pay for people or organizations to hold events. Occasionally, we will make a donation to an LCN member organization to help pay for their event in Madagascar. Contact us if you are a member organization who needs help paying for your community event in Madagascar.

Can I combine World Lemur Day activities with my zoo or school’s fall festival or Halloween activities?

Yes! Aye-ayes and the other nocturnal lemurs are a perfect fit for Halloween. Feel free to combine World Lemur Day activities with a costume party, Halloween event, or fall festival that you are already planning to hold.

Keep in mind that you can also hold World Lemur Festival events earlier in October or in November. The Festival dates are flexible!