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Welcome to the Lemur Conservation Network!


The truth is, we need everyone’s help to save lemurs from extinction. Today, we launch the Lemur Conservation Network, and we call on lemur fans worldwide to join us in our fight to save lemurs from extinction.

Last February, the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group of Madagascar publicized Lemurs of Madagascar: A Strategy for their Conservation 2013–2016 in the journal Science. One year later, we launch this Network to help implement this lemur action plan with help from you—our community of lemur lovers and friends of animals and the planet worldwide.

Lemur Action Plan

The action plan outlines 30 site-based conservation strategies at priority lemur locations across Madagascar. It was discussed on the BBC, Mongabay, Scientific American and more, raising international attention for the importance of acting now to save lemurs from extinction.

lemuractionplanDr. Christoph Schwitzer, Co-author of the lemur action plan and Project Advisor for the Lemur Conservation Network, states:

If we don’t act now, we risk losing a lemur species for the first time in two centuries. The importance of the projects in the IUCN lemur action plan simply cannot be overstated.

In a recent article in the Guardian, Alison Clausen, Madagascar Country Director for the Wildlife Conservation Society, stresses the need to raise funding for lemur conservation:

If we can dedicate tens of millions of dollars to see 90 minutes of animated lemurs, surely we can spend something similar to protect real lemurs threatened in the wild.

Lemur Conservation Network

On the Lemur Conservation Network, you can learn about all of the inspiring, innovative, and dedicated researchers and organizations that are working in Madagascar to save lemurs from extinction. Scientists, conservationists, and international development groups are on the ground in Madagascar right now and they need your help.

Browse our organizations and find one that inspires you.

Whether you are an individual looking to help lemurs in a tangible way, a zoo looking to support in-country conservation work, or a corporation seeking a worthwhile contribution, you can use the Lemur Conservation Network to find the best charitable match. The Lemur Conservation Network has organizations big and small, in all areas of Madagascar, doing a variety of work.

» Find an Organization to Support

Mmap-graphicany of our organizations are certified nonprofits, NGOs and charities, with registration in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Madagascar, and Germany, so donations may be tax deductible. (Look for the organization’s government registration status in the “Donate” box at the top of each organization profile.) Most of our organizations accept donations online on their website, via PayPal, or through a third party donation site, but some cannot. Don’t be discouraged; these organizations are still doing great work! Contact the organization to see how they can accept your donation.

Visit Madagascar

Dr. Jonah Ratzimbazafy, co-author of the lemur action plan and Project Advisor for the Lemur Conservation Network, emphasizes the importance of lemur conservation and eco-tourism for the livelihood of the Malagasy people:

For the Malagasy, lemurs are our national heritage and our friends. Thousands of families depend on lemurs, because tourists will not come to see empty forests.

There is no wrong way to visit Madagascar: on a tour or on your own, for a week or three months, luxury or on-the-cheap. Madagascar is full of beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and wildlife you will see nowhere else.

Stay engaged and tell your friends!

It’s not too late. Let’s work together to save lemurs from extinction.