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Lac Ravelobe in Ankarafantsika National Park. Photo by Lynne Venart.

Ankarafantsika National Park and the Legend of Lac Ravelobe

In the last post, we examined what makes coquerel’s sifakas so special and what threats they face in the wild. But since Madagascar is such an incredibly diverse and remarkable place, I’d like to focus this post on Madagascar itself. I could bore you with an essay-like description of the fourth largest island in the world (after Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo) and its collection of flora and fauna (nearly all endemic to the island). But I’ll try to keep […]

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Coquerel's sifakas in Madagascar. Photo by Travis Steffens.

Zoboomafoo’s Sifaka Cousins in Madagascar

Written by Zobomafoo fan, Carmen In Madagascar, sunlight filters gently through the leaves of baobab trees and wild vanilla, creating a dappled pattern of light on the forest floor. Bugs crawl among the roots and fallen leaves, exotic birds sing, and overhead, calls of “shif-auk!” bounce between the trees. High above the ground, a family of coquerel’s sifaka lives peacefully. They groom one another, browse for leaves, bark, flowers, and fruit, and softly “talk” to each other during the day, […]

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The Kratts and Jovian in Animal Junction. Photo courtesy of the Duke Lemur Center.

Getting to Know Zoboomafoo

Written by Zoboomafoo fan Carmen  If, like me, you grew up with the irresistibly upbeat theme song of Zoboomafoo, then you probably remember the Kratt Brothers’ infectious energy, the famous overstuffed closet, and of course, the fuzziness and wide eyes of Zoboomafoo the lemur. Before I get any farther, you should know that Jovian, the lovable lemur who played Zoboo on the show, died on November 10, 2014. It was a tragic day for all who watched Zoboomafoo as children, […]

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