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LCN Member of the Month: NGO Sadabe

Tell us about the history of NGO Sadabe. In 2000, we started our research at Tsinjoarivo classified forest as Phd Students from Antananarivo University and Stony Brook University. We worked for the NGO ICTE/MICET. Tsinjoarivo Forest has high biodiversity richness and is bio-geographically unique. Tsinjoarivo contains the most intact forest that remains in the Vakinankaratra region. However, Tsinjoarivo forest has faced conservation problems for many decades. The forest is threatened by commercial and illegal wood exploitation to produce a transport […]

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Overhead view of a slash-and-burn fire raging across Madagascar's forests

Madagascar is Burning: Meet the Conservation Heroes Working to Bring the Forests Back

If I were to ask you to picture the landscape of Madagascar in your head, what images first come to mind? Never-ending rainforests? A paradise unspoiled by man? These images may be the Madagascar that once was, and the Madagascar we are hoping to have in the future, but it is not the Madagascar of today. Today, Madagascar is a country on fire. It is estimated that as much as 90% of the country’s original vegetation has been destroyed, the […]

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