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Lemur Love, Inc.

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Lemur Love Inc.

What We Do

At Lemur Love we conduct scientific research and ​partner with Malagasy women to build capacity and promote conservation. We believe in leveraging both the heart and the mind in the movement to preserve Madagascar’s unique and endangered primates, the lemurs.

How We Protect Lemurs And Other Wildlife

Our goal is to ensure lemurs and their forest homes are protected and thriving, through the power of women, ​science, and our extended global ‘troop’. We envision a world where both lemurs and humans are able to live alongside each other and thrive.

What Lemur Species We Protect

We conduct and disseminate scientific long-term research on Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) populations in the northern portion of Tsimanampesotse. Moreover, along with our partners at the Pet Lemur Survey, we are committed to understanding the legal and illegal trades of wild lemurs through current and upcoming projects.

How We Support Local Communities

Lemur Love believes in investing in women, often underrepresented in both science and on the ground conservation leadership. Malagasy women possess unique insights and local knowledge that are crucial to devising robust solutions that will protect lemurs in the future. Lemur Love is collaborating with Ikala STEM, a women-led association that aims to promote education and science and to raise the profile of women in STEM in Madagascar.

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