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Ellie Dobbs in Madagascar with a chameleon

On the Ground in Madagascar with Ellie Dobbs: Researching Aye-Aye Taboos

We interview Ellie Dobbs, a Masters student in Conservation Biology at the University of Kent. Her research studies the variations in perceptions and taboos about aye-ayes in Madagascar. Her undergraduate dissertation is titled “The Aye-Aye Enigma: Analysing the variation in attitudes, beliefs, and customary institutions pertaining to the aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis)”. She aimed to deduce existing patterns in attitudes and highlight drivers for these attitudes and perceptions. What is your background, and how did you find yourself studying the lemurs […]

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Jen Tinsman

On the Ground in Madagascar with Jen Tinsman

  When did you first get interested in working with lemurs and conservation and what motivated you to undertake this work? I stumbled into lemur research by accident. I’d gotten a grant from the Biology Department to study social behavior and I was supposed to do research on tree swallows but that opportunity fell through, so I was nervously drifting around the department, trying to come up with a new project. Then Alison Jolly came and gave a talk to […]

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