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Our Conservation Members

Narrow conservation organizations and research groups by lemur species, what they do, and where they work in Madagascar.

  • Lemurs they support
  • Conservation work
  • Community support
  • Location


    AEECL conducts community-based conservation in the Sahamalaza Peninsula in northwest Madagascar, including fire prevention, education, reforestation, and capacity building for ecotourism.

  • Bristol Zoological Society

    Bristol Zoological Society works in the Sahamalaza peninsula of northwestern Madagascar to protect the remaining populations of the critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur and Sahamalaza sportive lemur.

  • Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation

    Marat Karpeka is an entrepreneur with a passion for lemurs who chose to give back through donating to wildlife conservation. Consulting with Dr. Russell Mittermeier, MKLF selects and supports the most efficient lemur projects with measurable results.

  • Mikajy Natiora

    Mikajy Natiora combines ecological research and local community involvement in the region surrounding the Sahamalaza Iles Radama National Park and Sofia region, in northwest Madagascar.