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We believe that lemurs can be saved from extinction if we all work together.

The Lemur Conservation Network (LCN) unites and supports over 60 conservation organizations, and connects them with people around the world who want to save lemurs from extinction. Members of our network work closely with local communities in Madagascar.

To help Madagascar’s people and wildlife thrive, we create spaces for inspiration, education, empowerment, and collaboration for the lemur conservation community, Malagasy people, and lemur fans. We are all in this together!

Coquerel's Sifaka. Photo: Lynne Venart.

Learn about Lemurs

Learn how lemurs are unique, discover interesting facts, and find out how endangered they are on the Red List. And, find teaching and professional resources from LCN and others.

Planet Madagascar
Credits: T. Steffens

View Our Member Organizations

Our network includes over 60 conservation organizations, research groups, and zoos that are working to save lemurs from extinction.

The author Lynne Venart on her first trip to Madagascar in 2012. Photo taken by Christine Venart in Ankarafantsika National Park.

How You Can Help

Find out how you can help lemurs by donating, volunteering, traveling to Madagascar, making sustainable choices at home, and switching your search engine!


Check out our blog to get different perspectives on lemur conservation and updates from LCN members, to learn about being a scientist working in Madagascar, and more.