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The Gateway to WildernessPhil Reeks

Phil is a volunteer with four species of lemur at Howletts Wild Animal Park in the UK. This year he has run a half-marathon for the Aspinall Foundation’s Madagascar project and fulfilled his dream of seeing lemurs in the wild.

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Corey Romberg

Corey Romberg is an Education Adviser for the AZA Prosimian Taxon Advisory Group, helping to design and execute lemur educational materials, messaging, curriculum, and activities for zoos and schools across the country. He has worked in the conservation education field for over six years, and now uses his passion for lemur education to encourage more awareness and action among the general public, and in the conservation education field.

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lynne-bioLynne Venart

Lynne Venart is a Co-Founder of the Lemur Conservation Network and now provides website support and blogging for LCN. She designed the LCN logo, website and social media graphics. In her day job, Lynne works with nonprofits and publishers in the Washington, DC area to create memorable brands, build websites, and design promotional materials.

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CarmenCarmen Liberatore

Carmen is a native Oregonian with a passion for the environment. She has worked on a number of environmental causes, including a successful local petition to ban Styrofoam food containers in her area. She is an avid traveler—most recently to Gulu, Uganda—and intends to pursue a career in environmental journalism, whether in print or documentary filmmaking. Growing up with Zoboomafoo gave her a love for animals and a drive to help them in any way possible. Mangatsika!

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cecilyCecily Marroquin

Cecily has a Masters in Anthropology with a concentration in Medical Anthropology and International Development from George Washington University in Washington, DC, where she works in nonprofit association management, and volunteers for various causes, like the Washington Humane Society and the Reading Connection.

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Seheno Andriantsaralaza

Seheno Andriantsaralaza is a biologist based in Madagascar. She holds a PhD degree in Biology and Ecology from the University of Antananarivo in collaboration with CIRAD (France). Her dissertation research focused on seed dispersal on two Malagasy baobab species. Now, she works at NGO Reniala Mangily Tulear, where she is the scientific coordinator at the Lemur Rescue Center at the Reniala reserve.

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kim-bioKim Reuter

Kim Reuter is Co-founder and Project Advisor at the Lemur Conservation Network and has spent over a year living in northern Madagascar since 2010. Her research focuses on the mammalian bushmeat and pet trade in Madagascar and she is a member of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group. More information can be found on her website:

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