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Thank you to everyone who has donated their time and talents to the Lemur Conservation Network!

Design, Web Development, and PR

The Art Monkey LLCThe logo and website for the Lemur Conservation Network were donated by Lynne Venart of Washington, DC, who won a Hermes Creative Award for the design of this website. Lynne also donated the design of many of our social media graphics.


All photographers retain the rights to their photography on this website and on our social media channels, and they can not be used elsewhere without permission. If you would like to purchase or use any of these photos elsewhere, please visit their linked website to contact them, or contact us and we will put you in touch with the photographer.

Home Page Banner Photos

Sub Page Banner Photos

Photos on our Facebook and Twitter Profiles

Photos on Organization Profiles and Blog Posts

The rights to the photos highlighted on an organization’s profile page on the Lemur Conservation Network are all owned by that organization. The rights to the photos featured in our blog posts are all owned by the author of the blog post. If you would like to buy or use one of these photos, please contact the author of the blog post or the organization.

Launch Party Event Photography

All photos posted on this site from our launch party are courtesy of Woolif Fotog.

Social Media Photos

Thank you to the following photographers who have given us permission to use their photography on our social media channels!

  • Mathias Appel
  • Raoelison Christian Tolotra Johnson



  • ANDRIA Tanjona: