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Announcing the 2017 World Lemur Day and World Lemur Festival

We encourage all member organizations and lemur fans to celebrate lemurs with us on World Lemur Day, October 27! World Lemur Festival events will be held in Madagascar on November 10-11, and throughout the world at the end of October and beginning of November. 

The World Lemur Festival and World Lemur Day raise awareness for lemur conservation, and tell the world how amazing lemurs and Madagascar are. The World Lemur Festival is for everyone—lemur fans and conservation leaders, scientists and artists, teachers and students, kids and parents, and YOU!

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About the World Lemur Festival

2017 World Lemur Day and Festival Graphics

This year’s World Lemur Festival and World Lemur Day graphics were designed by Lynne Venart, who volunteers for the Lemur Conservation Network.

You are welcome to use this graphic to promote your events, and to share it on social media. If you prefer to design your own logo for your event, go for it!

Download Event Graphics

*Web graphics (PNG files) and print-ready files (EPS files) are available in this Dropbox. Email Lynne at with questions about the graphic files or to request additional graphics help. We have some materials ready for all to use, and will help when we can. 

Buy a 2017 World Lemur Day T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, or Mug!

All shirt and mug sales benefit lemur conservation programs in Madagascar.

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Attend or Organize Events

Many LCN members will be holding events throughout Madagascar with local communities. And, around the world, zoos, universities, and other organizations will be incorporating special lemur events into their programming for World Lemur Day.

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Plan an Event

Over the past several years, lemur fans held Madagascar-themed parties and happy hours, raised funds for their favorite organization, spread the world on social media, and organized events at schools. This is a great way to connect with fellow lemur fans, raise money for your favorite lemur charity, and inspire everyone to love lemurs!

Inspiration for Your Event

Share our social media graphics or create your own!

Celebrate World Lemur Day on Social Media on October 27

While the World Lemur Festival involves physical events, World Lemur Day (Friday, October 27, 2017) is a special day for us to let the world know about lemurs and encourage their protection.

So, get your typing fingers, emoticons, and best lemur photos ready for a social media blitz on Friday, October 27!

MFG celebrates the 2015 World Lemur Festival. Photo courtesy of the Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group.

Submit Your Event

Let us know if you are holding an event, and we will add it to our map and event blog post (coming in October). Send us your photos and stories afterwards, so we can share them in our World Lemur Festival Wrap-Up blog post and on social media.

Email your event details to LCN Director Lucia Rodriguez or submit via our contact form.

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